Trail days by Plane

The easiest way to get to Trail days is by plane. You can fly directly into Umeå international airport – often via Stockholm Arlanda. Once you arrive in Umeå take the bus to the central bus station and from there you can either walk to Trail days via the 45 kilometer Tavelsjöleden. Tavelsjöleden follows a lovely forest trail taking you from the city center of Umeå, to the top of Tavelsjö mountain and back down to Vännäs river and to the doorstep of Trail days.

Or if you prefer to take a train from Umeå, you can hop of the train directly to the small town of Vännäs – also next to the bus station. From Vännäs you can hitch hike, walk och take the Trail days bus to EU Trail days.

You can also take the bus from Umeå to Vännäs.

Links to know:

Norwegian air – Usually cheapest flights from Stockholm Arlanda to Umeå
SAS – Sometimes can get good deals on flights from Arlanda

Bus to Selet – From Umeå bus station you can take the bus to Selet (town where Festival is being held. Buy a ticket from Umeå to Rödåsel (towards Vindeln) and from Rödåsel to Selet. From Selet it’s about a 2 kilometer walk to the festival. For bus tickets tickets you can buy them online at

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