Jörgen Johanssen

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Jörgen Johansson is the author of Vandra Fjäderlätt, the bestselling book that introduced ultralight and lightweight backpacking techniques to a Swedish audience. He has also written Lättare Packning från A till Ö as well as the Smarter Backpacking series of books in English. Jorgen was a traditional backpacker for decades until he started using and adapting lightweight backpacking to the demanding environment of the tundra mountains of Scandinavia, where he as hiked extensively.

Jörgen almost exclusively hikes solo and has also backpacked a lot in North America, travelling the Sierras and the Rockies as well as hiking in and packrafting down the legendary South Nahanni River of Canada’s Northwest Territories. His greatest experience was a 500 kilometer traverse along the Brooks Range of Alaska, something done by only a few people.

Apart from his books he has also contributed articles to different publications, mainly

Backpackinglight.com and the Swedish Utemagasinet. He blogs at www.fjaderlatt.se and is a founder of the Swedish Facebook group Vandra Fjäderlätt, with more than 11 000 members.