Linda Åkerberg

Influencer @ Wilderness stories

Founder Wilderness Stories: I like driving side and represents the most out of the content units said  Linda Akerberg . My own interest in the wilderness took seriously started when I became interested in hiking in the beginning of 2015. Before that I had never set foot on a hiking trail or even dared to think the thought of sleeping himself in a tent in the woods, in the midst of bunch of wild animals!

But step by step I learned while my interest grew, I noticed that there was also an awful lot of curiosity for adventure and wilderness of others around me. When I showed pictures and told about my newfound passion for family, friends and colleagues I was often told that “Oh how cool it looks! I wish I dared to do such a thing! “ . This made me want to create a place where I could share with you my own stories and at the same time inspire and help others to themselves to go out! I wanted with me as an example to show how easy it was to go from beginner to advanced hikers in a fairly short time.

After a while it became pretty clear what interest there was for the adventure and the wilderness, not only among my closest, but throughout society. And it is perhaps not surprising. Today we spend more and more of our time f ramför a screen while automated processes take over our lives.In modern society, we need not even go to the store to buy food, we can have it delivered directly to your door. I believe this will lead to the awakened a longing, a desire of many of us. A request to get back to our roots, to work with his hands and body, to feel that we can actually take care of ourselves. That we can do without all the amenities. We brews its own beer, studying sourdough, weekend trips does not go to big cities, but we go on so-called “micro adventure” instead. Many engaged in traditional crafts and local produce takes an increasing place in the supermarket. The TV is the advertising of a DIY store with a focus on the joy of working with his hands and dare to take hold of their own construction projects, while neighboring channel, a family engaged in subsistence. Sunne, there is even a training on the subject. Everything testifies to an ever-increasing interest. To get out in nature, back to our roots and take care of ourselves, is really in time.